Hi I’m Sandy, founder of Stillwater.  Thank you for visiting my site. I’m glad you’re here.

When women walk into Stillwater, they feel like they’re coming home to a place of belonging and things they love. It’s a time out. A re-charge. Support. Comic relief. And of course, great fashion.

That “time-out” feeling is behind the namesake and something I discovered on our family holidays in Montana.  Heading towards Whitefish through the Stillwater Forest and over the Stillwater River, I always find an amazing sense of peace and calm. The name is a symbol of my happy place. It’s something I strive to re-create in the atmosphere of my business. I care about women and dressing them to reflect the incredible forces of nature that they are.


It all started with jewelry over 23 years ago. Crafting artistic pieces allowed me the flexibility to stay home with my kids when they were small. During those early years, I sold my handcrafted jewelry through craft shows and local markets, where it became apparent that it was the ‘connection’ with my customers that filled my soul.

Through many evolutions over the years, my intention has always been to foster a ‘culture of connection’ and to create an experience with each customer, making a positive impact in their day.

My intention is to celebrate the awesome in each of us. 

We’re all perfectly imperfect and the need for connection and a sense of belonging is stronger than ever.  I want Stillwater to reflect what is in my heart – a feeling of joy, gratitude, acceptance & self-worth. The merging of this purpose-fueled business and creative process feeds my soul, and the connections I make with customers is the ultimate reward.

Stillwater is more than the products we sell.  It is a place where we celebrate and honor ourselves & each other.  A place to Love Life Out Loud.   How do you dress for that?  Maybe Stillwater could help.